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Are You Looking For a Smarter Approach to Your Health?

Unlock the secrets of your body’s inner workings with HyrSelf Functional Medicine. Our advanced study delves into the complexities of the viscera, including the digestive, respiratory, reproductive, urinary, and circulatory systems. We explore the intricate structures and functions of each organ, and how they work together to keep you functioning at your best. But HyrSelf Functional Medicine isn’t just about the organs – it also examines the interconnectedness of the Neuro-Endo-Immune (NEI) Supersystem, giving you a holistic understanding of how your body functions as a whole. Take control of your health and learn about the inner workings of your body with Functional Splanchnology.

Can HyrSelf Functional Medicine Help Me?

It is never our intention to “treat” any condition that our patients present with. It is our goal to reverse engineer a patient’s presentation by removing whatever is interfering with their health and add what is missing.

We do not replace medical interventions but instead help our patients become their own health advocates. Our goal is always centered around restoring vitality. We believe that a diagnosis can never paint the full picture of what is going on and only limit intervention options.


  • Assume all previous Diagnosis are in error until proven otherwise.
    • If you are continuing to seek help. It is obvious the Diagnosis and Treatment you received did not work.
    • If the Diagnosis is in error – Any Treatment will be in error
    • Same Symptoms – Do Not Need an Old Failed Diagnosis
  • History
    • Ubiquitous systems are misleading. 
    • Symptoms can be significant clues.
    • Past treatments and surgeries
  • Assessment Forms
    • Current Health Symptoms
  • Lab Work
    • Old Labs – Historical –
      • What was missed? 
      • Does it support the Diagnosis?
    • New Labs – BioScreen Sustain Max
      • Functional Organ Systems Analysis

Medical vs. Functional Ranges

Medical Range

  • The Medical Range is used to diagnosis an existing disease.

Functional Range

  • The Functional Range is used to assess dysfunction before disease develops.

Red Flag Range

  • The Red Flag Range is warning sign dysfunction is developing into disease. 

Ominous Range

  • The Ominous Range is warning sign dysfunction has developed into disease.

Treatment Plan

  • No need to treat past erroneous Diagnosis
  • Support the Fundamental Systems First
    • Neuro-Endo-Immune Supersytem controls:
      • Blood flow controlled by
        • Neuroendocrine transmitter
      • Hormones regulated through NEI SuperSystem
  • Calm and Quiet Immune System
    • Never, Ever, Never Boost, Stimulate or Strengthen Immune Response.

Window of Treatment Opportunity

  • Support Natural Healing Momentum towards restoration of Optimal Health.
  • Support the body’s healing in the direction it is already moving.
  • Support dysfunctional NEI SS and organ system
  • Improvement experienced within thirty days.

Changing Treatment Plan

  • As System Function is restored
    • Support Next Dysfunctional System through the Window of Treatment Opportunity.
  • Follow Up Lab testing – BioScreen Sustain Max
    • Monitor progress
    • Discover Underlying Organ Systems in need of support.
  • Follow Up Treatment Plan
  • Focus on Achieving Successful Treatment

Successful Treatment

  • No need for continued treatment
  • Minimal Maintenance support

What To Expect When You Work With Us

Simple Stuff First

How long can you hold your breathe? Seconds? A minute? Why are you unable to go longer. Your body requires oxygen. The cells of your body are no different. For normal function, the cells of the body require oxygen and glucose be delivered by red blood cells (RBCs) traveling through the blood. Conditions like Insulin Resistance cause RBCs to shed the oxygen they should be carrying. Thus depriving the farthest reaches of your body – fingers, hand, toes, legs – to be deprived of the much needed oxygen. Popular Memes like Alkalization also prevent the delivery of oxygen as RBCs cannot release oxygen in an alkaline pH terrain.

RBC agglutination shed oxygen
ROS damage connective tissue in the body leading to the production of RA and ANA antibodies. Insulin resistance causes RBC to stick together, shedding their oxygen.

Thus, basic necessities are focused on first. Provide the body with what it needs and see how quickly it responds.

No Bullshitte!

If you are looking for the same failed diagnosis with the same failed treatment recommendations. Then, this is not the place for you. 

Too many people are exhausting themselves, their resources and their relationships from healthcare providers following whatever condition Big $uppla or the Professional and Social Media Influencers are currently promoting. 

Offended by this. Wait 18 months, the condition they are promoting will change.

Red Teaming

The Right Red Team can help you avert disaster. But they’re only valuable if you listen to them.

  • Is this Logical?
  • Is this accurate?
  • Is this based on preconceived notions or biases?
  • Deliberate Challenge
  • Critical Analysis

“Red teaming” is a relatively new buzzword, but there is no common definition of its meaning. It means we have a common the goal of improving healthcare decision making. Key aspects of the HyrSelf Functional Medicine red teaming definition are its emphasis on independent thinking, challenging organizational thinking, incorporating alternative perspectives, and incorporating alternative analysis.

What if you had a team of people whose sole job was to find fault with your thinking on what is causing your health issues? Obviously, if your current treatment was working, you wouldn’t be searching for another healthcare provider.

The Red Team finds the problems, risks, and bugs that the insiders miss. In high stakes situations, a Red Team can save you from making a terrible mistake.

The Highest Level of Service

Our number one priority is to provide you with the absolute best service and professional guidance while you’re under our care. Our team will fully support you throughout your health journey as we seek to develop a lasting partnership.

Learn to Maintain Health Through Normal Diet and Lifestyle

HyrSelf Functional Medicine teaches you health skills that you will benefit from for a lifetime. Our goal is to get you to a point where you can maintain your health simply through Normal diet and lifestyle.

You will also be taught to let go of old erroneous diagnoses. How do you know a diagnosis is erroneous? First: the treatments did not work. Granted there are conditions like being mangled in a car wreak that can be a permanent condition. Other than situations like that, most conditions are resolved with the Body’s Natural Healing Momentum. Second: you are reading this information. If the treatment worked, the diagnosis is correct. Done and over.

Red Teaming Lab Markers

Symptoms are important but they can be misleading. Ubiquitous symptoms are used for any condition enabling each Medical Speciality to be technically correct.

ubiquitous symptoms

Lab tests are about probabilities not absolutes. Multiple lab markers must considered before pronouncing a diagnosis. In addition to using Functional Lab values comparing your to healthy people versus the standard Medical Lab values comparing you to the 5% of sickest people.

Choose Your Health Optimization Plan

We Offer Multiple Programs To Best Serve You

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