Unveiling the Mystery of Heavy Metal Transport into the Body

Hi Dr Dave, question about heavy metals and EDTA chelation for heavy metals to remove them. Necessary or Unnecessary?

I watched the first half of the Stew Peters video you sent. After I did a search for metals in CV vaccine. Oh! and I am Live Cell Analysis trained and certified. There are no adjuvant metals in US CV vaccines. The US vaccines use AS03, which is shark liver oil, Vitamin E and a hydrogel emulsifier and a Self-Assembling Ferritin Nanoparticle. The spike protein is a Self-Assembling Ferritin Nanoparticle that becomes Super-Paramagnetic above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This was likely the square / rectangle particles in the blood shown in the video. When she started hitting all the Chelation talking points that I’ve heard for the past 25 years. I stopped watching.

How Does Chelation Work?

One of my favorite anti-topics is Heavy metals and chelation. Let me tell you a story. One of my mentors, who included several of my case studies in his books, briefly mentioned “Chelation transports metals into the body”. I could never get him to expand on the comment. So I devoted 9 months to doing nothing but researching that comment. Because chelation is treated as one of the holy sacraments of health. It is never questioned and unassailable.

I’m an observer. One of the things I continue to notice is that those people doing chelation are perpetually sick. They feed on the notion that they are constantly having “heavy metal” ubiquitous symptoms. Some how – some way – heavy metals were getting into their body. It is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy (Nocebo) of perpetual sickness.

Ubiquitous Symptoms are a recipe for perpetual bad health.

How Do Metals Get Into The Body?

So my next question is: How do heavy metals get “INTO” the body? No one could tell me. No One!!! I have asked Chelation experts that questions. It seemed as though heavy metals does some Harry Potter apparition into the body. Thus began my 9 month journey. What did I learn?

1. Heavy metals are too big to enter the body unaided.

  • Divalent Metal Transporters in the gut (DMT1, Nramp1, Nramp2, Nedd4, IRE+, etc.) attached to divalent metals and when signaled, escort metals into the gut lining.
  • Divalent Metal Transports have a preference for specific divalent metals
    1. Magnesium
    2. Cadmium
    3. Iron
    4. Lead
    5. Cobalt
    6. Nickel
    7. Zinc
    8. Copper
    9. Mercury (No studies reported this)
  • IRE- is one of the divalent metal transporters that escort metals out of the body.

2. Chelation transports metals into the body. Specifically, the brain, kidney, ovaries, placenta, and testicles.

3. Non-resolving Immune Responses stimulate divalent metal transporters to move metals into the body.

4. A calm and quiets immune systems stimulates movement of unneeded and excess divalent metals out of the body.

Urine tests measure what is coming out of the body.

Heavy Metal Guru of Gurus???

I was invited to attend an event at Xymogen Supplements in Orlando, Florida. While there, during a lunch a couple came to our table and asked if they could join us. When the couple went to get their food, the table was a buzz. OMG! Do you know who that is. He is a Heavy Metal Chelation Guru of Gurus.

Never Question a Guru. You will be cancelled with extreme prejudice.

I thought sweet. Finally I will get to talk to someone about DMT1, Nramp1, Nramp2, Nedd4, IRE+, etc. As soon, the Guru sat down, the questions began. Chelation! Chelation!! Chelation??? I kept silent waiting for him to mention the Divalent Metal Transporters. Finally, I asked what he thought about the role of DMT1, Nramp1, Nramp2, Nedd4, IRE+, etc in heavy metals. His response was, “Never, heard of them. What are they?” So I told him and the others at the table what they were. Then asked how he could be a Heavy Metal Guru and NOT know anything about Divalent Metal Transporters.

Divalent Metal Transporters and references are in this book.

He and his wife got up and left. I became a persona-non-grata. How could you embarrass him like that. My response was, How could a Heavy Metals Guru NOT KNOW about DMT1, Nramp1, Nramp2, Nedd4, IRE+, IRE-, etc.

Divalent Metal Transporters Eliminate Metals From The Body

God set up the body to be able to deal with natural metals in the body. The vaccine contains an un-natural metal. Metals are not “self-assembling”. What I now know about metals in the body

1. Heavy and elemental metals are too big to enter the body unaided.

Metals Inside the digestive tract are Outside the Body.

2. There are Divalent Metal Transporters tasked with eliminating metals from the body.

3. This is why I focus on Calming and Quieting the Immune System; rather that constantly boosting, stimulating and strengthening the immune response which drives divalent metal transporters to grab any available metals, escorting them into the body. All this information is in the Hyperferritinemia book I wrote.

Chelation Influences the Gut Microbiome

I have multiple before and after Chelation stool tests. Normal gut microbiome before. Barren Gut after Chelation. I had one patient that was receiving EDTA chelation twice a week. It had corroded his blood brain barrier and was experiencing a plethora of brain degradation symptoms. He declined treatment after I told him he would have to stop the EDTA Chelation.

So the answer is NO! Chelation is a bad thing. Just because the mob does it; doesn’t make it good. As evidenced by all the SUDDEN DEATH SYNDROME or Myocarditis occurring now. They were all “following the science”.

Why Is Chelation Being Promoted?

People hear the word – Vaccine. Most Vaccines have aluminum or mercury as an immune pisser-offer (adjuvant). Aluminum and mercury are metals. Which are also components of Himalayan salt. But these metals, including the radioactive minerals and many others are “healthy” in Himalayan salt.

Blame is laid on the metals and not on the out-of-kilter immune system. They believe Chelation works because of Pseudoscience Hair Testing. So all the influencers being interviewed are just parroting antiquated information interspersed with some good information. The Immune system causes the problem reacting to the adjuvants (metals).

No one is asking just how much aluminum or mercury or Self-Assembling Ferritin Nanoparticle is in the vaccine. They are all assuming the adjuvant (immune-pisser-offer), which is the AS03 (which is shark liver oil, Vitamin E and a hydrogel emulsifier) and Self-Assembling Ferritin Nanoparticle in the clot shot is the same as the aluminum or mercury. The Self-Assembling Ferritin Nanoparticle form a two-dimensional polymer at body temperature. Aluminum and mercury are molecules. Vastly different from a self-assembling two dimensional polymers.

Luciferine is a man-made metal polymer made up of three six sided hexagons. Our body’s were not made to deal with such things as Self-Assembling Ferritin Nanoparticle or Luciferine. They are claiming it is not in any of the vaccines. But they are the same ones that dismissed the lab leak, while cancelling anyone that mentioned it.

Everything they were canceling or shadow banning people for. They were bragging about in the medical publications.


The influencers are just hoping Chelation works, because people are freaking out and want it out of their body. Of course, it will be difficult to determine if it actually worked. As mentioned earlier, those doing Chelation are perpetually sick. Because I have found people that do such things as getting the clot shot and then doing chelation tend to go silent, and not talk about it. They are too embarrassed to admit what they have done. Influencer assume it was a successful treatment. When in actuality the person has moved on to another Doctors, diagnosis du jour and treatment. For as long as social media has been around I have observed this.

Do Red Blood Cells Have Magnetic Properties?

It has been recognized that Red Blood Cells are Paramagnetic. Self-Assembling Ferritin Nanoparticles are Super-ParaMagnetic at body temperature.

In the 1930s, it was found that hemoglobin has magnetic properties that are different depending on whether it is carrying oxygen or not. When the hemoglobin is not carrying oxygen it is more sensitive or paramagnetic than oxygenated blood.

Those promoting Alkalinity are inadvertently promoting Hypoxia in the body.

It has only been in the last fifteen years that this difference in magnetic property has been used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) research. MRI uses a very strong magnetic field so this difference in the magnetic properties of oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin in blood can be detected. This change is called the BOLD (blood oxygenation level dependent) signal.

A magnetic field occurs around a magnetized object. It can attract or repel other magnetic objects. You can see this field if you place iron filings around a magnet.

The Heart is a Para-Magnetic Vortex

The Para-Magnetism of the Heart will pull metal objects from the cow’s stomach to the heart. Sometimes piercing the heart, other times attaching to the pericardium surrounding the heart. Making the animal sick or killing it.

The heart is a huge Para-Magnetic vortex. So much so that in cows and horse, (big critters), if they swallow a nail or a piece of wire. The magnetoelectric forces of the heart will pull the nail from the stomach to the heart. That is a lot of flesh to go through. Sometime nails will pierce the heart, killing the animal. It would do the same for humans, except that we walk upright. This is called Hardware Disease.

When butchering, my favorite thing to do is to check the heart for metal. I remember picking baling wire, nails, or flakes of metal the size of nickels and dimes from the pericardium of cattle and pigs. It is pretty amazing to see how much the metal had to go through to get stuck on the heart. Even after a day or so the metal still sticks magnetically to the heart.

This is were the Super-paramagneticity comes into play with the vaccines. Combining the Heart’s magnetoelectric properties with the Self-Assembling Ferritin Nanoparticle in the vaccine, plus the iron in the Red Blood Cells. It is a recipe for disaster and clot formation.

What About The Immune System???

No one is looking at the immune response. Even wildly out of control immune responses are considered to be operated under normal controls. They’re just “Autoimmune” diseases, rather than a “Non-Resolving Out-of-Control Immune Response”. Which can be brought back under control. This is why I focus on Calming and Quieting the Immune Response and thus enabling the body to reset the immune response.

Even those promoting Natural Immunity, promote Boosting, Stimulating and/or Strengthening the immune system. This causes an Inflammaged Immune Response.

Seeking a Diagnosis???

With Big $uppla, in addition to all the Professional and Social Media Influencers recommending Immune Boosting, Stimulating, Strengthening Supplements. It is taken for granted that the information and products they are promoting is accurate and correct.

I have one question for you. How is your health? 

Is it improving or getting worse?

Is your health improving by constantly taking Immune Boosting, Stimulating Strengthening Supplements? Are you reducing the number of supplements and foods you avoid? Are you adding Autoimmune conditions to your list of health concerns? I have one recommendation for you. 

Stop comparing your health to others. 

People want to see you better but never better than they are. Your health should be improving by doing chelation or taking all those immune boosting, stimulating and strengthening supplements. It is time to take an introspective look at your health.

What is your definition of “Better”?

Do More Than Look — Observe!

Observe your health. How are YOU feeling? Are you concerned about Autoimmunity? Are you concerned about Food? Are you concerned about your quality of life? Are you BETTER?

People with long-term health issues are blinded by the soft bias of low expectations. While $pending their precious resource$ on treatment$, they really do not expect any results from. Unfortunately, for most they are correct.

They are just going through the motions that someone else did. Thinking they have a select few of the same symptoms as Dr. Wahls, then they can achieve same result. 

Stop trying to achieve someone else’s results.

Reach for your results. @thedrdavefm is here to help.