Uncover the Hidden Autoimmune Clues: Are You TH1, TH2, or TH17?

Are you struggling with autoimmune symptoms but can’t seem to get a clear diagnosis? You may be missing crucial information about your TH1, TH2, and TH17 levels.

In our latest video, “Uncover the Hidden Autoimmune Clues: Are You TH1, TH2, or TH17?”, we dive into the latest research on how these immune markers can reveal important insights into your autoimmune status. We explore the role of the Th1/Th2 Challenge and how it may not account for the emerging importance of Th17. We also discuss the concept of “inflammaging” and how chronic inflammation can contribute to the aging process.

A healthy immune response should have a 1) Beginning, 2) Middle and 3) an end to the immune response. Inflammaging is the long term boosting, stimulating, and/or strengthening of the immune system resulting in the premature aging (Immunosenescence) of the immune system. An Inflammaged Immune Response has a 1: beginning, 2: middle and no end or resolution of the immune response. We have been taught to label an Inflammaged Immune Response as having an Autoimmune condition.

Many inflammaged tissues are probably in a chronically inflamed state, albeit without signs of infection. Moreover, while the innate immunity induced Inflammaging may remain sub-clinical and without any definite symptoms or diagnosis.

Our expert practitioners will guide you through the process of understanding your lab test results and how they can inform your treatment plan. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the complex workings of your immune system and how to identify the underlying causes of your symptoms.

Don’t let autoimmune symptoms control your life. Watch “Uncover the Hidden Autoimmune Clues: Are You TH1, TH2, or TH17?” and take the first step towards a more accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.