Systemic Health Consultation: Microbe LinkDX Test Results

We do not replace Dental interventions but serve as an adjunct support for our patients in restoring their health. Our goal is always centered around restoring vitality. We believe that test results can never paint the full picture of what is going on. While is not our intention to treat a diagnosis, patients with the below issues have reported significant improvements: 

  • Autoimmune disease (MS, RA, Celiac, Type 1 Diabetes, Hashimoto’s, Psoriasis, etc)
  • Digestive disorders (IBS, SIBO, Crohn’s, Colitis, heartburn, acid reflux)
  • SIBO and Candida
  • Difficult weight loss
  • Hormone and endocrine imbalances (Thyroid disease, PMS, hot flashes, PCOS)
  • Infertility and irregular menstrual cycles
  • Joint pain and stiffness
  • Insulin Resistance, Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome
  • Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia
  • Adrenal imbalances
  • Cognitive decline (brain fog, poor memory, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s)

Our recommendations will include the most appropriate functional lab testing, nutritional and lifestyle upgrades, mindset transformations, and necessary supplement support.

Oral Bacteria Are Invasive Keystone Pathogens Causing Chronic Systemic Health Problems.

It’s not news that there is a significant link between one’s oral health and overall health. Oral health problems can cause more than just pain and suffering in the mouth alone. Oral bacteria can lead to chronic systemic health issues sending people on a never ending quest for a new Doctor with a new diagnosis followed by a new treatment. 

Oral bacteria are linked to gynecological / pregnancy problems. However, Dentists and Gynecologist do not attend the same conferences or read the other scientific literature. The link between Oral Microbes and miscarriage, endometriosis or “yeast” infections is never contemplated. This can lead to years of mistreatment and unnecessary expenses for useless treatment.

Oral bacteria are involved in hormonal, menstrual, endometriosis issues and cause miscarriage.

Oral Bacteria can be a constant source of Invasive Species / Keystone Pathogens into the body. These bacteria can create problems in other parts of the body and are rarely considered as the cause of chronic health issues. 

Chances are you have been diagnosed or treated for one or more of the fad diagnoses with the ubiquitous symptoms. Your ubiquitous symptoms are real, and your diagnosis is technically correct. However, I have one question for you. How are you feeling? If the diagnosis and treatment were correct you would not be reading this.

ubiquitous symptoms
Never ending treatment for an incurable diagnosis du jour.

While doing the recommended treatments based on the MicrobeLinkDX results will be very beneficial. Your body needs a fresh perspective free of any preconceived fad diagnosis. Patients have come to my office for years chasing the same old diagnosis with different Doctors recommending the same old supplements or drugs with the same old failing results.

Restoring the Sequencing of Digestive Chemistry

The digestive chemistry is the first line of defense in the body against disease causing bacteria. No, immune cell cannot survive in the digestive tract where microbes colonize. Immune cells do not have Scuba suits to swim out in the chyme or fecal material to combat pathogenic microbes. This is not as simple as taking InflammAging Immune Boosting Supplements.

Gastrointestinal control of Predominant, Facultative, Obligate, Opportunistic, Yeast Mold, Parasites and Invasive Keystone Pathogenic Bacteria occurs through:

  • Stomach Acid: First line of defense from microbes
    • Stomach acid kills Alkaline loving microbes
    • Chemical destruction of bacteria through acidic pH
  • Stomach acid stimulates the release of pancreatic juices and Bile.
  • Pancreas juices and Bile: Second line of defense from
    • Pancreas juices and Bile kills Acid loving bacteria
    • Chemical destruction of bacteria through alkaline pH

The gut environment is controlled by digestive chemistry. The digestive chemistry must occur in a specific sequence and order to maintain the gut environment.

Microbiome balances are naturally controlled through competitive exclusion. The first thing the Invasive Keystone Pathogenic Bacteria attack is anything in the body that is detrimental to their survival. In the blood, it is the immune cells. Immune cells cannot enter into the digestive tract. In the gut, it is the digestive chemistry and competitive exclusion. Invasive Keystone Pathogenic Bacteria prefer to be as close to their food source – the food you eat – as possible inside your digestive tract.

Invasive Keystone Pathogenic Bacteria hack into the immune response and damage antibodies. (search: bacteria cleave immunoglobulins). Immune boosting, stimulated and strengthening supplements will only stimulate a hacked auto-aggressive immune response.

Restoring the NEI Supersystem

The nervous, endocrine, and immune systems control metabolic function through the nerves and blood. Further, these three systems are mutually codependent for their function and therefore are designated as the neuro-endo-immune supersystem (NEI). Within NEI, there is continuous communication via innervations, hormones, neurotransmitters, neuropeptides, and cytokines most of which occurs through the blood controlled by the Nervus Vasomotorus (abdominal brain). The Nervus Vasomotorus (abdominal brain) system is involved in the control of blood circulation in the body.  The Nervus Vasomotorus (abdominal brain) is the autonomic nervous system, controlling the blood supply to every organ in the body. When the Nervus Vasomotorus (abdominal brain) system is hacked by Invasive Keystone Pathogenic Bacteria control of the blood supply is lost and involved in the development of disease with the increased blood pooling in the abdominal veins associated with portal hypertension. The result is that the secretions and excretions, visceral rhythm and circulation, are disturbed, while malnutrition results with an accompanying mental disturbances, which is due to the Nervus Vasomotorus (abdominal brain) being bathed in waste-laden blood by Hepatic Portal Hypertension.

  • Portal Hypertension – Blood Bypasses the Liver. When Blood bypasses the liver, unfiltered blood enters the systemic circulation provoking an immune response. Typically, shortly after eating which is interpreted as a “Food Intolerance”.
    • Hemorrhoids and/or Varicose veins are a telling sign that Hepatic Portal Hypertension is occurring.
      • Insulin resistance (IR) is an important driver for the development of portal hypertension and nonalcoholic fatty liver.
      • Internal Hemorrhoids: Esophageal varices, stomach varicies, small intestine, large intestine, diaphragm, umbilical, vaginal/uterine, gallbladder, tongue (sublingual), varicose veins in the legs.
      • External Hemorrhoids

Restoring Metabolic Function

In this situation, metaflammation (the metabolic immune response accompanying metabolic diseases) is a form of chronic inflammation (non-resolving immune response) that is driven by nutrient excess or elevated blood glucose. Metaflammation is characterized by the same mechanisms underpinning inflammaging. The gut microbiota now under the control of the Invasive Keystone Pathogenic Bacteria has a central role in both metaflammation and inflammaging owing to their ability to hack into the immune system, influence altered circadian rhythms and crosstalk with other organs and systems.

Fresh Perspective

The information above is brief introduction to Dr. Peterson’s perspective in restoring health. It is not as simple as in now the treatment for the current technically correct fad diagnosis starting to work. Granted you will experience initial improvement with will quickly stagnate into mediocrity as it did for the patient with the “food stuck in her teeth”.

Woman paid $15,000.00 to have all her amalgams removed. Her Thyroid “symptoms” resolved after she finally did the antibiotics specific for the oral bacteria six months after the MicrobeLinkDX test was done.

Unfortunately, she felt the need to address the old fake Fad diagnoses bestowed upon her and went off on another Doctor will to treat her for the Fad Diagnoses and contacted me 10 months later when she realized she had again screwed up her health.

Stop trying to beat old diagnosis that have failed to respond to any treatment.

Oral Bacteria can be a constant source of Invasive Species / Keystone Pathogens into the digestive tract and blood into the body. These bacteria can create problems in other parts of the body and are rarely considered as the cause of chronic health issues. A “Keystone Pathogen” is a low-quantity microbe that can control any immune response to it by remodeling a normally beneficial microbiota into a dysbiotic one. 

Importantly, the capacity of keystone pathogens to instigate an immune response (inflammation) even when present as quantitatively low levels of the microbiota is in stark contrast to immune response induced by dominant keystone pathogens, which become established as the dominant component of the microbiota whilst simultaneously causing suppression of the commensal bacteria.

  • After the Invasive Keystone Bacteria reported in the MicrobeLink DX test results have modified your microbiome their numbers may be below the antibiotic threshold.
  • A course of the appropriate antibiotics would be beneficial.
Patient has a dog (Green Complex) that is constantly licking their face.

Crevicular Gingival Fluid Test Results

After the results are received by your Dentist, there will be treatment recommendations. Some dental treatments must be performed at the Dentist’s Office as well as prescription for the appropriate Antibiotic as determined by the MicrobeLinkDX test results. There are also recommendations for home care to maintain good oral health.

Most Dentists are not well versed in Functional Healthcare or Systemic Health Issues. More often than-not they will give the same information found on the internet. Which in my opinion, creates more problems and prolongs Systemic Health Issues. You can read this in the book: The Link Between Oral Microbes and Systemic Health Issues.or the attached gallery. There are a lot of popular memes that support invasive keystone pathogenic bacteria in your body, i.e. alkalization.

Opposed To Using Antibiotic

I get it. The over-zealous use of antibiotics has created problems for many people. If you are experiencing chronic health problems:



The INVASIVE KEYSTONE PATHOGENIC BACTERIA in your mouth are perpetuating your chronic poor health. 

  • Over the course of 15 years using the MicrobeLink DX test, numerous patients have refused to do the recommended single course of antibiotics. 
  • They fussed and putzed around for six month to years doing it the “natural” way with ZERO improvement. Some went “Doctor Shopping” for someone else expending more time and money. 
  • Ironically, their condition improves after one round of the antibiotics in combination with the other recommendation in the book, The Link Between Oral Microbes and Systemic Health Issues.

Work with Dr. Peterson to restore Systemic health

Dr. Peterson will provide you with a fresh perspective on where you and your health is TODAY? If a diagnosis is an active contributor to your health issues today, it will be addressed by looking for the root cause and restoration. Often there are other overlooked factors causing the old diagnosis symptoms.

Fill out the application and submit it to Dr. Peterson to schedule your MicrobeLinkDX consultation.

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