Supporting the Immune Response

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A common misconception is having a “strong” immune system is what’s best for your body.

You do not want your Immune System to be stronger. You want it to be balanced. Calm and Quiet. Ready to respond only when needed. Able to resolve when the job is done.

The Immune System should be CALMED AND QUIETED and NEVER-Ever-NEVER Stimulated. Calmed and quieted is different than suppression.
Cortisone suppresses the immune response, resulting in no symptoms of inflammation. The same for Drugs like LDN stimulate certain aspects of the immune system, which results in the production of Forbidden Cytokines. This results in further disruption of the immune system as Forbidden Cytokines do not follow normal immune system rules. Like kids that doing the opposite of what they are told.

Immune Calm and Quiet Support – 1 month supply

These good tasting liquid supplements are easily absorbed by the body, working to quickly calm and quiet the immune system.

Too much of an immune response is worse than too little response.

Immune Calm and Quiet support is used in combination with a Custom Formulated Multi-Vitamin, Mineral and Amino Acid blend specific to your individual needs. Instead of supplements for a diagnosis that may or may not be accurate or appropriate.

Immune Calm and Quiet Support – 2 month supply

Gluten Histamine Lectin Support

Great products for food sensitivities. Especially when you are uncertain of which foods are causing the problem. 

Sleep Support

Do you have trouble sleeping? Melatonin – stimulates an auto-aggressive immune response. Ever wonder why you may be having problems with autoimmune symptoms? Maybe it is the Inflammaging promoting “good-for-you” supplements. 

Vitamin D Support

Softgels are available as an option.

A few people have problems with the Ultra-D formulas. There are other options.

Turmeric Curcuim Support

Softgels are available as an option.

Resveratrol Support

Softgels are available as an option.

Brain Health Support

Softgels are available as an option.

Omega 3 Support

Softgels are available as an option.

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