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HyrSelf Functional Medicine offers a wide range of course offerings, updated each year to meet the growing needs of today’s practitioners. Courses are all online with a live call component, and range from 4-week Lab Interpretation Intensives to a 12-month Mentorship Program, covering all aspects of advanced lab interpretation. 

Lab Interpretation Classes

Gut Oral Patho Genius

Gut Oral Patho Genius

Are you struggling to interpret GI lab tests for your patients? Look no further! Our comprehensive 4-week Bootcamp will teach ...
Oral Gut Patho Genius

Oral Gut Patho Genius

The oral microbiome has not been integrated into the diagnosis and treatment of SIBO. Oral dysbiosis can alter breath gas ...
Functional Organ Systems Genius

Functional Organ Systems Genius

Analyzing Organic Acid | ION Profile Results Shop now The ION Profile or “Individual Optimized Nutrition” results are reported as ...

New courses are added regularly throughout the year as new information is incorporated.

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Hormone Analysis

Adrenal Analysis

Thyroid | Hashimoto’s Analysis

Neuro-Endo-Immune Supersystem Analysis

Nervus Vasomotorus