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Second Opinion for Current Functional Protocol

Virtual Second Opinion For Your Current Diagnosis and Treatment Protocol

A second opinion is when you visit another doctor, medical specialist or healthcare professional to ask for their opinion. You can compare the medical advice and see if the second opinion is similar or the same as your regular doctor or specialist. This can give you confidence if both doctors agree or it can provide you with a different view, and you may get a more varied view of the condition of your health and medical options.

A second opinion would be prudent if your doctor, medical specialist or healthcare professional are saying and promoting the same condition as Professional Influencers and Social Media Support groups on click-bait websites. 

A second opinion is well-advised if your Internet searches for your symptoms are filled with [AD} in front of every search result. This only occurs when the search results are very profitable.

If you are not confident about a doctor’s medical advice or diagnosis, you can seek a second opinion. You may ask for a second opinion if you are unsure about a diagnosis or medical treatment option, or if you just want to confirm that the planned treatment is your best option.

It may feel awkward to ask for a second opinion, but it is a common request. In some cases, you can make an appointment with a different doctor, specialist or healthcare professional without talking with the first doctor. However, it is best to ask your doctor for a referral, especially if they have your medical test results and records. These can help make it easier for the second doctor to make a diagnosis and recommend treatment. It may also save you from having to retake medical tests.

click bait
Profitable conditions and symptoms show up first on searches.

When Should You Get a Second Opinion?

Sometimes your health problems are straightforward, but there are other times when diagnosis and treatment are less clear. Getting a second opinion may helpful when:

  • You are paying out of pocket requires a second opinion.
  • Your diagnosis isn’t clear.
  • You feel like the doctor diagnosed you before meeting with them.
  • You have a lot of medical conditions.
  • The treatment offered is experimental, controversial, or risky.
  • You have a popular Internet condition.
  • You have a life-threatening condition.
  • You have been told it is a life-long condition.
  • You have many treatments to choose from.
  • You have been recommended the same previously failed treatment.
  • You’re not responding to treatment.
  • You feel like you can’t talk to your current doctor.
  • Your doctor says they can’t help you or won’t treat you.
  • Your doctor doesn’t specialize in your condition.
  • Your spouse or partner is questioning you and the doctor.
  • You want peace of mind.‌

If you need emergency treatment, don’t wait for a second opinion. A doctor at the emergency room will help give you the life-saving treatment you need.

Lack of Improvement

Are you questioning the lack of improvement for your current Functional Medicine Protocol? Have you considered getting a Second Opinion? Have you given up any hope of improvement? Or do you have a spouse that is being sucked into a Click-bait whirlpool of never-ending treatments for the latest fad diagnosis.

ubiquitous symptoms

Yes, they are feeling the way they are. However, while symptoms are important in finding a diagnosis. They are more often misleading, especially with all the Profession and Social Media Influencers paying Google to place their Click-bait on the first page of the searches.

Professional Influencers always describe sickness in terms of “Normal Function”.

When a Doctor or any person reads and identifies themselves with the information on the Professional and Social Media influencer websites. They become invested in being correct. A couple of “better” patients is all they need to continue the way they have been doing treatments. Failure to respond patients are lumped into the self-fulfilling prophecy of difficult to treat relapses.

The Doctor and patient alike anticipates the plethora of ubiquitous symptoms described on the posts and web pages. This creates a self-fulfilling prophecy or “Nocebo” of a disease with all the possible symptoms and side effects; they can suffer from the fake-fad diagnosis du jour. If the Diagnosis is Incorrect – The Treatment Will Not Work 

What if you had someone, whose sole job was to find any faults with your thinking, your current diagnosis or your current treatment protocol? Someone who screwed their health up following the Professional Influencers, but was able to break out of the group think and reverse their screwed-up health. Someone who now lives a normal life.  

For example, Mold is one of the latest fad diagnosis. This often leads to larger expenses such as unnecessary “mold remediation”, just in case that is it. 

Several years ago, a woman came to my office with the worst environmental sensitivities I have seen in my 20+ years of practice. She had reactions to any scent, smell or perfume. Her diet was very restricted causing her to be very emaciated. She never left her home because it was too much of a struggle to go out. She had spent in excess of $10,000 searching for an answer. She had tried multiple cleanses, and detoxes without success. She walked in with a huge bag of supplements. None of which she could take due to the severe reactions they caused. She was told and believed there was no cure.

Read More: Signs of a Mold Problem

She was a participating member of multiple support groups, where she enthusiastically discussed it with members, family and friends. There was no one there to question or poke holes in the theories.

She and her husband came in for a consultation. The results of the Gastrointestinal Function Profile showed Yeast/Fungi; taxonomy unavailable at +4. Her husband was an executive that travels for his work, never spending much time at home. He accompanied her to the consult and was there to ensure she was not taken advantage of by another promise of a cure for her condition. 

When I told them there was mold in their house, he stood up banging his fist on the table saying, “I DON’T THINK SO. We live in a million dollar home that is two and a half years old.” before storming out, leaving his crying wife behind. Thirty minutes later I received a phone call from him apologizing. He had found black and white mold covering the interior of the furnace room. He remembered it had rained during the initial construction soaking the press-wood wall lining the room. 

The fix was easy and within 60 days her severe sensitivities were gone. Two years later, she called to say she was beginning to have symptoms again. Recommendation: Go check the furnace room. Again, easy fix and restoration of health. 

They neglected to appoint a Red Team. Her and her husband never said, “Poke holes in this. Help us see the downside.” If you dare to question the group-think support groups, you will be ostracized and kicked out of the group. Instead, their friends and family were swept up into her initial enthusiasm, because she had a name (diagnosis) to understand how she should be feeling. If anyone ever had doubts, they didn’t voice them because they didn’t want to rain on anyone’s parade. 

Remember, People want to see you better. But Never-Better than they are.
doctor peer group
All actual questions Doctors have asked Dr. Dave.

ReDefining Better

Did you ask how soon they expect your condition to resolve and you can resume normal life. What is your definition of “Better”? 

People have been coming seeking help for the past 20+ years with really bad definitions of “Better”. The Internet, Support groups, Big $uppla, Professional and Social Media Influencers have brain-washed them to believe their body’s were incapable of healing. Follow the Money? People are collecting failed diagnoses, failed diets, failed treatment like Jacob Marley’s chain. 

Is There A “Better” Definition of “Better”?

There is no cure for an erroneous diagnosis.

How much does a Second Opinion cost and what’s included?

A second opinion means that you choose to see another doctor or specialist after you’ve received an initial diagnosis or treatment plan for a medical condition. The second doctor reviews your medical history and gives their interpretation of your health. They will give you their view on your diagnosis or treatment plan. They may suggest different treatment options than the first doctor you saw.

Virtual Second Opinions value is $1,857, and payment is due at the time of virtual consultation.  This all-inclusive fee covers:

  • Review and triage of the collection of your medical records and imaging
  • A review and assessment of your condition by a Functional Healthcare specialist
  • A one-on-one educational consultation directly with HyrSelf Functional Medicine expert specialist to discuss your second opinion and answer any questions you have.

The ‘Second Opinion’ virtual consultation is simply a visit to obtain past medical history, get an awareness of current medical concerns/needs and share with the patient how their current “Functional” protocol and treatment is affecting their long-term health prospects.

Second Opinion Features

Second OpinionFundamentals
Triage of History
Hard Copy of Lab Report prior to video consultation
3 Month Messaging Access
Lifestyle and Nutrition Consults1
$997 will be credited to the Advanced or Ultimate Plans if you become a patient.

What to expect with a Second Opinion

HyrSelf Functional Medicine takes a functional, holistic, integrative approach to healthcare. This consultation requires us meet with you via Zoom, understand your history and concerns, suggest appropriate lab work, give an opinion on your diagnosis and the lab tests (in the context of your symptoms and history) and possible obstacles and outcomes on your current plan with you. 

First appointments: Second Opinion

The initial appointment at HyrSelf Functional Medicine is generally a 1:30 – 2:00 hour visit which includes your history, a review of concerns with our Doctor. No recommendations will be made. 

You will be given a lot of information from a fresh perspective and will need time to digest it. A 1:00 – 1:30 hour follow up visit the next week to answer questions and clarify any information for you.

How do I start a Second Opinion Consult?

  • Click on “Add to Cart”
  • Fill out the Second Opinions Application. Click Submit. You will be contacted with in 2 working days. 
  • Go to your Cart
    • Pay for the Second Opinion Consultation
  • Be ready to provide details about your records, imaging, and test results so your Second Opinion specialist can review your information. This may require 2 working days for the information to be triaged. 
  • Have a one-on-one educational consultation with your dedicated Second Opinion specialist who can discuss your second opinion and provide recommendations for care.

The $997 will be credited to the Advanced or Ultimate Plans if you decide to become a patient.

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